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Muscle Pain


Muscle pain is one of the most common disorders which affects the human muscles.Muscle pain is also known as “Myalgia”.lt is due to the excess usage of the is generally related to the overstretching of the muscles. Myalgia can result from over tension and stress that arises in ones life. The most frequent causes of muscle pain are the tension that prevails in the various parts of the body.Muscle injuries that result from heavy physical work can ultimately lead to muscle pains.

Muscle strains and sprains are responsible for awful muscle painsinflammation in the groups of muscles can lead to severe muscle pains in humans. Blood infections may also cause muscle pain along with fever. Certain medications especially Statins are known for causing acute muscle pains in the body. The hallmark symptom of treating lupus results in muscle pains in certain areas of the body.

Lupus is the most common inflammatory disease that gives rise to symptoms like weight loss, fever, muscle pain and fatigue. Muscle pain is one of the root cause of fibromyalgia which revolves tenderness around the soft tissues and muscles, thus causing aches in the muscles. Consumption of certain drugs like Cocaine and ACE inhibitors which are used for lowering the blood pressure causes muscle pains. Long hours of exercise and lifting weights may lead to muscle cramps and stiffness.

Polymyalgia Rheumatica generally causes the large muscles of the body to be inflamed which in turn leads to pain and stiffness in the shoulder and arms muscle. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the common disorder which involves the inflammation of joints.

They are one of the primary reason for muscle pains. One can treat the muscle pain by avoiding the heavyweight exercises. Stick to the regular schedule of yoga. A gentle massage on the affected muscles can gradually lessen the muscle pains. Gentle lifting and stretching the affected parts of the muscles serves as a pain reliever. Walking for about 30 minutes to 1 hour helps to relax the muscles.

A warm shower helps to soothe the muscle pain in one’s body. There are some herbal remedies which help to reduce the muscle pain. It’s better to eat foods that are rich in Flavonoids and Vitamin C.Rosemary herb works well in decreasing the muscle cramps. Lavender oil plays a pivotal role which is useful as a massaging oil for people who are suffering from muscle aches. Doctors can be sought for treatments in case of severe muscle pain accompanied by swellings and rashes, fever, vomiting, neck stiffness and inability in the movements of the muscles.

Healthy Eating Fitness Advise


Fitness advise about healthy eating made easier is a simple plan to follow. It’s easy to get into a routine of planning ahead and preparing meals at home. It makes a healthier choice for own fitness and your pocket book.

Recommend a high protein breakfast- Start you day in the beginning with high protein foods. Proteins will help keep you full and also allow your energy level to extend a longer period of time. Proteins will also assist in keeping your blood sugar level lower. Unlike, eating sweets such as muffins, pancakes, donuts or sugary cereals that raise the blood sugar level and give you a short burst of energy. Proteins are a better choice when it comes to fitness advise.

Breakfast Choices: Spinach Omelet, Eggs, Yogurt, Oatmeal with nuts and/or honey, Fruit Smoothies or Protein Bars for on the go.

Plan ahead and pre-make your lunches for work or home. Eating lunch out every day is not only costly but also unhealthy. Fast food purchases are full of calories and sodium. A better choice is planning your menu ahead for the work week or home environment. Having a variety of healthy foods available is much smarter for your taste buds and for your fitness of well being. Make your lunch ahead the night before and you can grab and go.

Lunch Choices: Roasted chicken or turkey sandwich on wheat bread, salad with grilled chicken, tuna salad on wheat crackers, yogurt or cottage cheese, veggie wraps

Snacks: Any variety of fruits (fresh or dried ) such as oranges, apples, bananas, blueberries, strawberries are good choices. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, carrot sticks, cucumber slices or cheese sticks are good for a quick energy source.

Dinner Section: Baked or broiled chicken, chops, burgers, fish is a healthier selection for fitness. Add a generous salad with a small amount of dressing and a serving of fresh vegetables such as green beans , eggplant, or broccoli.

Shop ahead and have your healthy foods on hand to prepare your meals for lunch takeouts to work as well as your dinner choices. Make your grocery list and check off the items you need to be ready to prepare your meals at home. Breads, olive oils, meats that are rich in protein such as chicken, tuna, salmon, turkey should be on your list. Be sure to have plenty of snacks for home or the office- fruits, yogurts, cottage cheese, vegetable sticks, or cheese. Remember, a variety of good food choices will keep you on track for better fitness.